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Kenzo KZ701170513M0000 - Watches men (Brown)

Origin: France
Warranty: 1 Year
Price: Contact Us

Sophisticated design with modern style is the impression that the clock Kenzo KZ701170513M0000 bring you right from the first glance. Each of Kenzo watches are the quintessential combination of calligraphy styles, classic painting of the East with modern painting style of the West. Therefore, each clock will bring the property looks classy and sophisticated, elegant crown of users. Kenzo KZ701170513M0000 watches will surely be an indispensable accessory in the collection of your watches for the modern beauty that is very noble of the product itself.



Brand: Kenzo
Origin: France
Machine Type: Quartz
For: Male
Shell Material: Stainless Steel
Front Material: mineral glass
Wire materials: leather cord
Coronary clock: Slippery
Dimension: 45mm
Surface thickness: 13mm
Type of: There are no tourist numbers
Number of needles: 3
Water Resistance: 5ATM
Energy use: Pin
Warranty: 12 months



Should be avoided:
- Collisions and exposure to corrosive, high temperature or strong magnetic fields.
- Use any solvents, cleaners, industrial cleaners, adhesives, spray paint or cosmetics.
- Wear a watch with the bracelet so easy to create surface scratches or damage the clock.
- Adjust knob when the clock now gets wet.
- To watch where sudden temperature changes.
- Use, or click the button below to install the water.

Should do:
- Clean the clock periodically moisture soft cloth to extend the life of watches.
- If condensation occurs, it is necessary to bring clocks Customer Service Center of the company as quickly as possible to minimize damage inside.
- Replace the batteries when the clocks ticked the wrong time or the second hand moves irregularly because leakage current due to a dead battery can cause serious damage to the clock.
- Turn the power off when not used for a long time, switch to activate special storage resources and avoid battery drain.

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